How to Buy Handmade Carpets at a Cheap Price – Tips for Buyers

No doubt we are always in need of handmade rugs since nothing can best characterize a space other than an exclusive area rug; but where can you get excellent quality handmade carpets that go easy on your wallet? Here are top 10 sources to find authentic handmade rug collection.

Exclusive Rug Merchants

rolled-up-rugAn expert dealer will always educate you about the craftsmanship of a rug, provides information about the rug fiber and all about its quality and the country of its origin. A reputable rug dealer will also offer wholesale and retail sales since they are tied to the source so, you are sure to find some of the best deals here. Genuine handmade Oushak rugs and Oushak carpets are best bought from an expert.

Rug Galleries

Various family-run galleries are run for generations. These sources regularly replenish their stock with new and old handmade rugs. As a valued-added service, these studios buy, trade, clean, appraise and repair rugs to interest you. Look out for galleries that have operated for a very long time instead of those that put up out-of-business sales; these could be “tent sale” sites where flawed merchandise gets dumped.

Estate Sales

beautiful-rugAuction sales that happen at asset liquidation sites are unpredictable when it comes to the price at which an item gets sold. While you don’t have the choice to make a comparison between rug options, you can be sure to find a rug that is both authentic and aged. However, make sure to check the carpet for stubborn stains and damages before bidding on it.

E-Commerce Giants

Amazon and eBay sure have an assortment of handmade carpets that come with proof of authenticity. With the raising competition, shopping can be completed in a breeze; many online shopping sources allow shoppers to order and receive it that very day, without ever leaving home. With hassle-free returns to the rescue, shopping sure is a pleasure.

Carpet Boutiques

If you have avoided big city carpet boutiques as a first rule, it is time to revamp that rule with a few modifications. These elite carpet stores no doubt are best left to the idle rich but, these sources sure hold an exclusive collection of handmade rugs. Make sure to get on their mailing list so you can receive word of their exclusive offers and discounts.

Antiques’ Store

Stores that sports antiques are a definite place to get cheap handmade carpets. Quite often the store people are not aware of the real value of a rug; with a wee bit of knowledge on choosing a good rug, you can be sure to strike a bargain on a high-quality rug.

From The Source

It’s worth the visit if you combine rug shopping and your much-awaited trip to Iran. Buying from the traditional rug bazaars of a weaving locality sure is a one-of-its-kind experience. However, it does pay off if you are knowledgeable on the qualities of a handmade rug.

Consignment Shops

Some of the most magnificent rugs get abandoned at consignment stores. One of these unclaimed rugs could be something you have been searching for years.

Furniture & Flooring Dealers

This source sure does have an array of handmade rugs. Since this place does not have 100% staff expertise on rugs, finding a genuine handmade rug could be your independent lookout.

Consult A Local Cleaner

Yes! Your local rug cleaner deals with an enormous number of old and new rugs every day; they sure are a group of well-informed rug specialists. You can consult them about the best rug source available in your locality and educate yourself on handmade rugs.